Staycation ideas – some will blow your mind!

Staycation – Make Your next Vacation

cape town staycation

STAYCATION – What number of us don’t once in a while wish we could get away from the hustle, clamor, and everyday obligations of our ordinary lives for a week of fun and unwinding some place far, far away?

In all actuality for a considerable lot of us a customary excursion is not generally probable. Between eateries, inns, and transportation, travel expenses can add up particularly when those expenses are multiplied for a family of three or more. What’s more, notwithstanding when the cost isn’t a factor, in some cases health concerns or work commitments keep us from leaving town at whatever time the urge strikes.

In any case, that doesn’t mean when the summer season moves around and the children are home from school that you can’t in any case have an extraordinary time! This year, why not arrange a get-away in your own particular patio? A genuine Staycation is more than only a week at home, it is a purposeful time of fun and unwinding for your entire family. It takes a little push to do it right, however can eventually be pretty much as fulfilling as going some place far away.


Set some staycation standard rules

The purpose of a Staycation is to make it feel however much like a genuine family getaway as could reasonably be expected, without leaving the solace of your own home. Therefore, to ensure the entire family is in agreement, its good to begin with some standard rules that everybody can concede to. Begin with choosing precisely when your excursion at home begins and closures, and afterward set a couple of rules for what your family may and may not do amid this time. These could incorporate all or a portion of the accompanying:

  • No mobile phones
  • No email
  • No video or computer games
  • No TV
  • No telecommuting
  • No stressing
  • No fighting
  • Family time —no individual exercises or outside arrangements
  • No cooking
  • No cleaning
  • No laundry


Arrangement for the sake of entertainment!


Much the same as a genuine excursion, the more you plan for no particular reason, the more fruitful your Staycation is liable to be. Begin by setting a sensible, practical spending plan for your week of fun at home. Put some cash aside for exercises, eating out, and maybe notwithstanding paying for a rampage spend or two, for example, paying for a house cleaner or treating yourself to a back rub or pedicure at a neighborhood spa.


Next, take an ideal opportunity to make sense of exactly what you will do on your Staycation. In the event that your children are mature enough to have a opinion, hold a family meeting to examine your thoughts and to discover what everybody needs to do. If you like spontinaeity, consider putting everybody’s thoughts into a container, then picking one idea every day. Then again, if your family inclines toward more structure, utilize your thoughts to build up an agenda for the week.


Make certain to likewise invest some energy preparing your home and kitchen to make things as simple—and slick—as could be expected under the circumstances for your unwinding week at home. Accumulate menus to all the neighborhood eateries that offer takeout and conveyance or, if eating out each day is impossible, arrangement a cooler cooking session early to set up a week of simple anxiety free dinners. You may likewise need to consider utilizing dispensable dishes and serve product to eliminate dishes. Make a point to made up for lost time with clothing before your week starts, and, if conceivable, do a family control cleaning session the day preceding your Staycation begins.


Get Creative


Odds are there are many fun things to do in your own particular main residence that you either never have time for, or don’t consider in light of the fact that they are so close by. Here are some fun and inventive thoughts to kick you off:


  • Try Geocaching-Geocaching is a certifiable, open air treasure chasing amusement utilizing GPS-empowered gadgets. Members explore to a particular arrangement of GPS directions and after that endeavor to discover the geocache (compartment) covered up at that area.


  • Take a Virtual Museum Tour of the Heart of Cape Town Museum at the old Builing in Groote Schuur Hospital where Professor Christian Barnard, performed the first successful human heart transplant at the hospital in 1967. Truly cool!


  • Try Paintballing or Laser Tag-Invite a couple of different families to join yours and fight it out for the title of Most Awesome Family. There are paintball or laser label offices all over the place—use Google to discover one close-by.


  • Visit a Nearby National Park-National stops really are one of our nation’s most prominent fortunes, and most NPs have an assortment of marvelous family well disposed exercises to look over. Subsequent to finding a recreation center in your general vicinity.


  • Enjoy Your Local Theater-Check the nearby daily paper or theater site to see what plays, musicals, shows, or family-accommodating comic drama shows will play amid your arranged Staycation time, then book tickets and plan for a night at the theater.


  • Visit a Local Children’s Museum-If you have more youthful children it can infrequently be elusive exercises that the entire family can appreciate, yet an incredible Children’s Museum can possess all the necessary qualities! Most have an assortment of fun and intelligent exercises that can keep you occupied the entire day.


  • Visit the Zoo or Aquarium-Who doesn’t love seeing creatures? Make sure to put together a lunch to save money on expensive zoo charge!


  • Check out the Local Library-Most libraries have family-accommodating occasions and exercises happening each weekend, and now and then even day by day amid summer excursions. Check your neighborhood library site for points of interest.


  • Host a Family Board Game Tournament-Invest in a couple of new tabletop games, then set up snacks and beverages for a marathon table game competition!


  • Go Bowling-If your children are little, attempt guard rocking the bowling alley; for more seasoned children go around evening time amid “shine playing” times!


  • Camp in Your Own Backyard-Why not appreciate nature in your own lawn? Set up a tent and dozing packs, construct a flame (or utilize the barbecue) to cook s’mores, and alternate telling apparition stories.


  • Visit a Nearby Tourist Spot-Is there a zone close-by that dependably draws the group? Regardless of the fact that you typically dodge the vacationer traps, occasionally it is amusing to end up a traveler in your own particular town. Make all the gooey stops and take pictures along the way!


  • Theme Restaurant or Dinner Theater-Make eating an occasion! Contingent upon where you live there might be subject eateries, supper theater, or even a homicide puzzle supper prepare or journey


  • Go Paddleboarding or Canoeing-If there is a waterway, lake, or sea close-by, odds are quite great there is likewise a paddleboard or kayak rental office adjacent too. Both are a fun approach to appreciate the water and test your aptitudes!


  • Create Your Own Art-Spend an evening getting inventive at a close-by paint-your-own particular earthenware office. Not just is it fun, you’ll have your own particular ravishing dishes to take home when you’re set.


  • Get Wet-Spend the day at a neighborhood pool or waterpark, or simply go to the shoreline! On the off chance that that sounds like an excess of exertion, basically set up a slip and slide in the terrace and have a family water day at home.


  • Tackle a family project.Have the children been asking for a tree house or needing to refurbish their rooms? Consider spending your week together dealing with something to enhance your home. You’ll bond while painting and building together, as well as toward the end of the week have something cement to appear for your time!


  • Host Your Own Film Festival-Pick a subject, permit every relative to pick a motion picture, then get settled for a day of motion pictures. Make certain to give a lot of snacks, and take breaks to examine and rate every film.


  • Give Yourselves a Makeover-Do hair and cosmetics at home, or take a day to go to the neighborhood spa or magnificence parlor. Complete the new look with another outfit!



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Heavy Machinery Training Cape Town – Where To Stay ?

Finally the Heavy Machinery Training convention that the beloved Capetonions have been waiting for is finally here. But with the City Flooding with people where will you be staying if you are from out of town. Last minute bookings attract a huge premium.

Heavy Machinery Training Cape Town – Sponsor Confirmed

Now that the sponsor has been locked and loaded ( MTINTELLECT ) the event is finally getting its legs pumping.


MTINTELLECT is only one of the stake holders in the accredited Heavy Machinery Training field.  MTINTELLECT HAS BEEN UPSKILLING ORDINARY people like  us for over ten years and has produced some of the top students from around the country. Looking for an accredited institution we recommend MTINTELLECT.


Heavy machine trainingboilermakerBoilermaker courses in cape town
Crane operator training in cape town

Forklift training cape town
Welding course cape town

Some Conference Details :

The CAPE TOWN Heavy Machinery  conference be held in CAPE TOWN SOUTH AFRICA . The purpose of the Heavy Machinery Conference will be to introduce the uninitiated  to the world of engineering and man made machines.

But that’s not all as they say in the infomercials a few special conference attendees will get to test drive some of these amazing machines.  Include  ,  Tractor Loader , Boiler making Equipment ,Cranes, Welding tools and even forklifts..

Come with the expectation to be blown away by the sheer size of these magnificent instruments and toys of the engineering and construction fields.

On Display will be machines made by the gurus of heavy machinery such as catippillar machines and many others  like  Westrac .

Can you make this a Family Event ?

Well if you kids like seeing big things and having their parent explain what they are they yes you can make this a family event. Entertain for you mini me’s will be provided free of charge. So you have no excuse not to make this event!

What Kind of individual or company should attend?

If I had to be specific and drill down at the core and select who will gain the most benefit from this conference it should be  construction companies , Heavy machine supply companies, training centers and engineering lovers.

So Where Should you stay?

We have done abit of a check with the hotels and at the moment they are available but expect to be booked full as soon as the date for the conference is announced . Some unnamed sources has stated they expect a date in the next 2 months . Our Advice book in the cbd and book within the next month.

Important info :

The conference date and venue are still to be confirmed

How to choose a hotel – Number 4 is important!

How to choose a hotel economically superior travel style

Hi fellow travelers! How to choose a hotel (not to be confused with how to choose a b&b) is probably the most important part of travelling. To some, a hotel is just a pit stop to dump your junk and sleep. But I’m not part of that some. Making the hotel you stay at one of the highlights of your travels can be an adventure all on its own. I also wouldn’t want to skimp on quality. Really experiencing the town, and getting more for your money means I don’t even considering the big chain hotels and costly boutique hotels. I want a hotel that is unquestionably economically superior. So, how to choose a hotel economically superior travel style? I’m using my recent trip to Cape Town, read on!

how to choose a hotel - get more bang for your buck

How to choose a hotel geographically suitable

Geographically central locations is what I prefer. I prefer it because I like the convenience of walking. Being able to walk to interesting land marks and site. Having an excellent choice of restaurants for dinner in walking distance is always awesome.

how to choose a hotel location

Getting to more distant tourist destinations is made easier by choosing a hotel close to public transport. Being in a big city like Cape Town is made easy by hopping in a bus or taxi is important to the exciting adventures you could have. While being able to walk anywhere in Cape Town from the Cape Sun Hotel, I appreciated the taxi’s right outside the hotel in Strand Street.

Having a view can be great. I wouldn’t chalk up the money to stay at a hotel like the One and Only in the V&A Waterfront. But seeing a small piece of it is nice. Staying at the Cape Sun I did have a spectacular view of the Cape Town City Centre. Staying at the One and Only you wouldn’t see that view.

How to choose a hotel  that’s budget conscience

Weirdly this is the easy part. Your budget isn’t the next individuals budget. It’s yours. Would you be able to cut down on other expenses if your desired location is a bit out of your price range to meet you budget? In order to not sacrifice the amenities and atmosphere you crave, would it be more cost effective to live on the rim of your desire location rather than right in the middle of it? Try using booking sites and compare prices instead of using hotel sites. In some cases you could be guaranteed a cheaper rate by booking directly from the hotel site, but in other its cheaper through the booking sites. Making early bird bookings, paying in advance or staying a certain amount of nights could save you on money. Looking at this creatively will help find you savings everywhere.

hotel on a budget

Booking a smaller room in an expensive hotel could be more expensive than booking a big room in a smaller hotel. Why pay for a room with a view if getting more amenities at a hotel with not the best views could boost your travelling experience by a mile? Booking an hotel in Cape Town in the middle of the city centre might not give you that ocean view, but being right smack in the middle of the bustling city of Cape Town is where the best adventures happen.

Always make sure you know exactly what you getting for your money before you book. Is breakfast included in the cost? Will transfers from your hotel be added to your bill when you check out? Asking the right questions is imperative and will help in making your decisions.

How to choose a hotel with the ‘desired feeling’ you are after.

This is the trickiest part but the whole point on how to choose a hotel economically superior travel style. While this part is very much a personal preference to the individual, I prefer hotels that sum up the whole character of the town I’m travelling to. Modern or traditional, but in Cape Town you want a hotel that shows you what Cape Town is all about. Believe me, you’d want this o matter where you’re travelling to.

At the Cape Sun in Cape Town city centre, despite not being able to see the beautiful ocean views that some hotels in Cape Town has to offer. The access that this hotel gives you to the hustle and bustle of Cape Town is just awesome. The hotel itself is unique in its look and feel. Being in the heart of Strand street where all major chain stores can be found just around the corner to a short taxi drive away. It really shows you what Cape Town has to offer.

How to choose a hotel economically superior travel style is not rocket science. In my philosophy its all about research, planning, being creative and knowing what is important to you. This is how I choose where I travel and where I stay when travelling.

How to Choose a Bed and Breakfast

The most effective method to pick a Bed and Breakfast

Cape Town Bed and Breakfast

B&B Cape Town

For some voyagers looking for lodging, the quaint little bed and breakfast is an engaging one. A portion of the inspiring variables are the chance to meet different voyagers, to have direct link to the the host and as a rule to be in a more personal environment and to encounter the character of the dwelling. Any reasonable person would agree that no two B&B’s lodging are the same.

However it is correctly the absence of predictability that can make picking an overnight boardinghouse fairly overpowering. Here are a few rules that can help you, in view of our experience as quaint little Bed and Breakfast operators in Cape Town.


Informal lodging is a definitive house industry. Particularly since the coming of the web, anybody can hang out a shingle and call themselves an informal lodging. See whether the B&B you are thinking about has any accreditation.

Do they have a place with a neighborhood overnight boardinghouse association? Is it safe to say that they are ensured by an administration office? Does the nearby visitor infomation centre know about them?

In the event that you get a positive answer you can know with some conviction that at any rate fundamental measures are being held fast to.

Travel distributions are a fairly helpful aide, particularly those that offer basic assessments, for example, Frommer’s and Fodor’s. Nonetheless, numerous incredible foundations are frequently not found in these distributions essentially in light of the fact that their authors don’t think know about them .

Books, for example, the “Bed and Breakfast Encyclopedia” and “Lanier’s Guide to Bed and Breakfasts” are not guides. Bed and Breakfasts need to pay to be recorded and compose their own particular portrayals on there establishments, so there is no guarantee that what you read is essentially the thing that you get.The best thing to do is to put your resources into a telephone call and sit down to talk with the owner.


Because an overnight boardinghouse is certify, there is no assurance that it is well run. When you call amid general business hours do you get a supportive, obliging individual at the flip side or do you get phone message? On the off chance that you do leave a message on phone message is your call returned quickly? On the off chance that you email the foundation do they answer you rapidly? Individual administration and consideration are what make informal lodging unique. On the off chance that these characteristics are seen to need in your underlying experiences, you need to ask yourself how you’ll be dealt with if you somehow happened to be a visitor in that foundation.


It’s critical to be clear at the beginning as to what your necessities seem to be, with the goal that you can guarantee ahead of time that you won’t be baffled. The more you can limit the crevice amongst desire and reality the likelier you are to have a positive overnight boardinghouse experience. Here are some real contemplations, not in a specific request of hugeness.

1) Location

Where would you like to be? Do you require an area in or close downtown? Would you like to be some spot tranquil and isolates? Notwithstanding checking with the landlord, or the motel’s site or leaflet, it’s additionally a smart thought to allude to Mapquest or comparative locales. Once you’ve set up the area, it’s then less demanding to figure out whether you’ll require an auto, or in the event that you can get by with open transportation. On the off chance that you do require an auto, you’ll need to ensure that sufficient advantageous stopping is accessible. Most informal lodging offer free stopping.

2) Special needs

Do you have sustenance sensitivities or dietary inclinations, for example, low fat, veggie lover or vegetarian? Is it accurate to say that you are adversely affected by quills or creature hair? Do you experience issues with stairs? Do you require a specific sort of bed or bed course of action? Is it accurate to say that you are a smoker or an against smoker? Do you require an icebox for exceptional nourishment or medicine? Do you require web access or a telephone in your room? Will you be arriving/leaving late or early? Will you be requiring an early or late breakfast, or will you be missing breakfast out and out? These are all matters which ought to be examined with your host before your arrival.3) Environment

Is it accurate to say that you are a morning individual who loves to visit with outsiders at the breakfast table, or would you say you are a saved individual who inclines toward security and isolation? It’s a smart thought to discover what the breakfast course of action is ahead of time with the goal that you won’t feel denied or burdened. Additionally on the subject of environment, how essential is style to you? Will you be pestered by a more female style of stylistic layout with laces, cushions and soft toys, or do you demand effortlessness?

4) Children

Numerous informal lodging are grown-up situated, however in the event that you have an inclination to not being around youngsters it’s best to solicit what is the approach from the specific quaint little inn you are thinking about. By the same token on the off chance that you are going with youngsters, you should tell the landlord ahead of time, or hazard being dismissed when you arrive.

5) Price

Everybody adores a deal, however in the event that an overnight boardinghouse is estimated low you’ll need to be attentive. Maybe the room is little, or the washroom is imparted to a few rooms, or it’s not all around found or all around kept up, or breakfast is of no noteworthiness. By the same token, a costly informal lodging ought to offer civilities deserving of the cost. Likewise as to cash, ensure that you will have the capacity to pay for your housing in a way that is advantageous to you. For instance, some overnight boardinghouse request a Mastercard to secure the reservation, however then request money or voyager’s checks to settle the record. It’s generally best to know ahead of time.

Reserve A Spot

In spite of the fact that there is a ton to be said for suddenness, it is constantly best to reserve a spot. Some individuals feel that an overnight boardinghouse may not be as occupied as an inn and they can simply turn up and get a room. Regularly this is not the situation, particularly amid the stature of a bustling vacationer season or a noteworthy occasion, for example, a major tradition.

To total up, comprehend what you need, ask the right inquiries, and appreciate. It’s hard not to have a vital time when the way you’re dealt with makes you feel extraordinary. Furthermore, that is the thing that overnight boardinghouse are about.