How to choose a hotel – Number 4 is important!

How to choose a hotel economically superior travel style

Hi fellow travelers! How to choose a hotel (not to be confused with how to choose a b&b) is probably the most important part of travelling. To some, a hotel is just a pit stop to dump your junk and sleep. But I’m not part of that some. Making the hotel you stay at one of the highlights of your travels can be an adventure all on its own. I also wouldn’t want to skimp on quality. Really experiencing the town, and getting more for your money means I don’t even considering the big chain hotels and costly boutique hotels. I want a hotel that is unquestionably economically superior. So, how to choose a hotel economically superior travel style? I’m using my recent trip to Cape Town, read on!

how to choose a hotel - get more bang for your buck

How to choose a hotel geographically suitable

Geographically central locations is what I prefer. I prefer it because I like the convenience of walking. Being able to walk to interesting land marks and site. Having an excellent choice of restaurants for dinner in walking distance is always awesome.

how to choose a hotel location

Getting to more distant tourist destinations is made easier by choosing a hotel close to public transport. Being in a big city like Cape Town is made easy by hopping in a bus or taxi is important to the exciting adventures you could have. While being able to walk anywhere in Cape Town from the Cape Sun Hotel, I appreciated the taxi’s right outside the hotel in Strand Street.

Having a view can be great. I wouldn’t chalk up the money to stay at a hotel like the One and Only in the V&A Waterfront. But seeing a small piece of it is nice. Staying at the Cape Sun I did have a spectacular view of the Cape Town City Centre. Staying at the One and Only you wouldn’t see that view.

How to choose a hotel  that’s budget conscience

Weirdly this is the easy part. Your budget isn’t the next individuals budget. It’s yours. Would you be able to cut down on other expenses if your desired location is a bit out of your price range to meet you budget? In order to not sacrifice the amenities and atmosphere you crave, would it be more cost effective to live on the rim of your desire location rather than right in the middle of it? Try using booking sites and compare prices instead of using hotel sites. In some cases you could be guaranteed a cheaper rate by booking directly from the hotel site, but in other its cheaper through the booking sites. Making early bird bookings, paying in advance or staying a certain amount of nights could save you on money. Looking at this creatively will help find you savings everywhere.

hotel on a budget

Booking a smaller room in an expensive hotel could be more expensive than booking a big room in a smaller hotel. Why pay for a room with a view if getting more amenities at a hotel with not the best views could boost your travelling experience by a mile? Booking an hotel in Cape Town in the middle of the city centre might not give you that ocean view, but being right smack in the middle of the bustling city of Cape Town is where the best adventures happen.

Always make sure you know exactly what you getting for your money before you book. Is breakfast included in the cost? Will transfers from your hotel be added to your bill when you check out? Asking the right questions is imperative and will help in making your decisions.

How to choose a hotel with the ‘desired feeling’ you are after.

This is the trickiest part but the whole point on how to choose a hotel economically superior travel style. While this part is very much a personal preference to the individual, I prefer hotels that sum up the whole character of the town I’m travelling to. Modern or traditional, but in Cape Town you want a hotel that shows you what Cape Town is all about. Believe me, you’d want this o matter where you’re travelling to.

At the Cape Sun in Cape Town city centre, despite not being able to see the beautiful ocean views that some hotels in Cape Town has to offer. The access that this hotel gives you to the hustle and bustle of Cape Town is just awesome. The hotel itself is unique in its look and feel. Being in the heart of Strand street where all major chain stores can be found just around the corner to a short taxi drive away. It really shows you what Cape Town has to offer.

How to choose a hotel economically superior travel style is not rocket science. In my philosophy its all about research, planning, being creative and knowing what is important to you. This is how I choose where I travel and where I stay when travelling.